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Concerned about cardiovascular health in Ravenna? The facts haven’t changed much over the years, heart disease is still our nation’s #1 killer. What else hasn’t changed is that our expensive (and sometimes dangerous) standard interventions have not changed that fact over many decades.

Heart disease is a complex, chronic disease with many diverse causes, reflecting the constant interactions among genetics, environment, and lifestyle that make each individual unique and with diverse outcomes (e.g., hypertension, coronary artery disease, dyslipidemia, stroke).

Heart Disease

Most heart disease is entirely preventable AND our nation’s spending priorities do not reflect that fact although the research literature is utterly convincing.
What both causes heart disease and makes it preventable? Human behavior. All the major steps we can take toward prevention (and remediation) are under our control to one degree or another—some actions are completely our own to adopt through lifestyle changes.

We don’t get heart disease because we are missing statins in our daily lives! But we do get sick because these practices aren’t easy to maintain in today’s world. Finding the best diet or the minimum amount and type of exercise that will be preventive or the best balance between work, home, and community responsibilities may be different for each of us because each person carries a unique combination of genes that have been turned on or off through years of exposure to a similarly unique set of influences and exposures. Eating an organic diet, for example, doesn’t insulate us from water that is now infused with industrial pollutants, hormones, and antibiotics; air quality that is sometimes so poor that people who are sick are advised to stay indoors and avoid exertion; or stress that is so pervasive it seems like the “new normal.”

Is it all doom and gloom? Are we powerless in the face of dominant commercial interests that often drive both national policy and economic well being? Are we unable to submerge any of our individual desires to benefit others? Not at all. Please join us at one of our upcoming Functional Medicine seminars to see how we might be able to help you.


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