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Chronic Pain Ravenna OH Educational Classes

The purpose of the Orientation Class is to provide an overview of what to expect over the coming months. We review the informative and fun classes in the program that help to dispel myths, provide education and give hope to those with long-term health and wellness problems. Our classes are held at designated times and dates, and the atmosphere is fun and informal with the emphasis on patient education to provide the most out of your REVIVE program. We take a broad look at the program and begin to discuss the dietary transitions that will be learned in the Detox Class. Among the detailed topics are the eight top most common food allergies, understanding organic food labels, benefits, and claims, and learning what really is in American meat and dairy. Read on to learn more about our educational classes.

Detox Class

We are always detoxing. This program simply allows the major players in the detox process to “catch up” and get the gunk out of the system so everything is running more efficiently once the detox program is complete. You will learn just how bad you have been eating (even if you have been reading labels and thought you were eating “healthy”). You will find several new foods and food combinations that you truly enjoy and will be able to continue with your new healthy lifestyle for decades to come. You NEVER have to eat anything that you do not like. And by the end you will have wished you did this years ago.

Nutrition Class

Our nutrition class will teach you how to implement proper nutrition for the decades to come for a life full of health and clear-mindedness. We take an in-depth look at what foods are good, what are bad (you will be surprised at the conflict between what you used to know and what you learn in this class). Our patients learn how to easily fit healthy living and nutrition into their work and social life. As well as learn how to hit the “reset button” to get you back on track, why are some foods just plain bad, what constitutes a “superfood” and why you should “eat the rainbow”.

Exercise Class

This class is taught by our Certified Exercise Physiologist. Everyone has different fitness goals, motivations and capabilities. Our patients go through an individual fitness assessment so we can design an exercise program specific to you. We do not expect our patients to perform an exercise routine that you will despise for the rest of your life. There are many ways to get exercise, we will find what works best for you and what best fits your personality, motivations and abilities in the exercise program that is right for you. In our exercise class, we break down the physiology of exercise. We review all the fads and facts of exercise (spoiler alert: there is no such thing as 6-minute abs). We discuss how exercise enhances sleep, digestion and mood, and the different forms of exercise and their specific competitive advantages to health.

Stress Management Strategies Classes

The Stress Management Strategies Classes are taught by a licensed professional therapist that is trained in functional medicine and holistic therapy. Stress management is such an area of need for so many people, that we can’t fit it all in one. Therefore, two stress classes along with group sessions (when needed) are offered. Some stress and anxiety are a normal part of life. However, when one is under long-term stress caused by ongoing situations such as work or family problems, financial concerns, etc. the body will be in a constant heighten state – a state that has harmful effects on many bodily systems including the immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, and reproductive system. This class teaches our patients how to better manage stress, the difference between good and bad stress, the physiology of stress, the long-term consequences of uncontrolled stress and simple yet effective methods to manage your stress.

Sleep Class

Our patients don’t sleep through this class. They learn when to sleep and how much sleep is needed for good health. We also discuss how sleep (or lack thereof) affects the various organ systems. We examine simple lifestyle changes to improve your sleep and discuss all of the physiologic functions of sleep.

Healthy for Life Class

Our last class takes a look at how our patients can keep and add to the progress they have made. By this point in the curriculum, most have lost a significant amount of weight, have a whole lot more energy, improved mental clarity and lost the need for many prescription medications. Our mission is to REVIVE your health so that you can continue it for a lifetime. We go over keys to maintaining this new lifestyle and offer our support.


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